HEAC visits IloIlo: The pathway to Australia tour?

From Monday 6th through to the following Monday 13 Feb, HEAC gave a series of presentations and small group seminars to more than 250 nurses, student nurses and other allied health professionals in the important city of IloIlo. As well, HEAC were given the opportunity to present to 70 students attending the Score High IELTS review centre.

Marie Arzaga, Country Manager Philippines and Glenn Biggs CEO Health Hub International provided detailed information to participants who were eager to learn of the many advantages of furthering their education in Australia.

Marie and Glenn discovered that a lot of incorrect information has been used by other organisations when describing the requirements for entry into Australia to undertake further education. A major myth that was dispelled concerned the required IELTS score needed for Australia. It was generally thought that 7 was the minimum requirement. In fact, a score of 5.5 will allow entry to a number of great colleges whilst a score of 6.5 will secure entry into the top private and Government colleges.

The seminars focused on the types of courses available in Australia and the visa requirements necessary to ensure approval from the Australian Government. Marie explained how the packaging of different courses could secure a visa of 2 years and 5 months. The student is entitled to work during this time.

Chocolate KoalaTo provide a taste of Australia, more than 500 chocolate caramel koala bears were given out and thoroughly enjoyed by students, lecturers and even a Dean or two.

To encourage a lively Q&A session at the end of each presentation, the new HEAC branded umbrellas were given to the person to ask the first question and umbrellas were also given out to participants who asked great questions. Needless to say, many umbrellas were given out!

Following the seminars, separate individual appointments were made for participants wishing to discuss the next steps on the pathway to Australia.

Back in Manila HEAC attended a number of important meetings with key representatives of the Philippine Nurses Association, (PNA) and with the Philippine Regulation Commission, (PRC). Detailed discussions were held on ways of improving the pathways for Philippine nurses to go to Australia to both learn and continue their careers.

The next scheduled road trip will be to the important southern city of Davao. The tentative dates are set for the week of the 1st May. Details regarding venues and timings will be made available in the very near future.

Certificate Presentation in Iloilo

The HEAC team, University Deans and Health professionals